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I am from a place that has many types of music and dances
some of them are marinera,salsa,and some other romances
I am from where there are a lot of cultures
where have plenty of sculptures
such as many discoveries they did for the future

I am from a dangerous crash
where life gave me a unexpected scratch
which at the time it made me cry
with the feelings that passed by,
it was a dark object which I was inside
getting part of my life
like my soul and my heart
almost breaking my family apart.

I am from the beautiful seascapes
where many people share their memories from the landscapes
from a place that has all climates of the world
where there is rain,snow,it is hot and cold.

I am from where the government works till the night
to avoid fights and give people’s rights
from two different races
from brown and white faces

I am from a small city too
from a place where I have friends to talk to
and after all I have been through
I am from the beautiful puzzle Peru.

                                                                                      Carlos Romero.

                                                                                        June 10, 2008