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Unstoppable Love.
My heart belongs to you indeed
Your heart will always be with me
and in anything you need
you know you can trust in me

You are the perfect person for me
wherever I turn I see
the face of a girl I love
from you I just like to be beloved.

Together forever we will stay
Like we promised one day
Real love never ends
and our love has been extended

You are the nicest girl I know
It is hard to find girls like you in this world.
There is a feeling that we have as human being
I don't know if you see me as your king
but for me, I see you as my queen.

Not even the distance would spread us out
like a suffering feeling, it should sound
but wherever you are
even if you are far
I would hold you tight in my heart
because you are my only shining star.

You are a gift I got
a dream I got from god
forever I would like to have you by my side
and I can see that in the future, and through the time
I just know, you will always be in my life.

Carlos Romero.

December 19th, 2008